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I'm a fiber artist. I couldn't draw if you paid me, but I can make a plushie

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30 plushies!

Posted by Yarn - January 6th, 2021

When I made my first plushie in July, I surprised myself. I had never done freehand work before and I didn't even know where to start.

Last night I officially made the 30th custom plushie. A few are duplicates, but there are 30 plushies altogether.

Id just like to thank everyone who encouraged and supported my journey into NG related plushies.

I'm a late comer as I just got back into NG due to quarantine, but ive had a blast!

<3Lizzy (Yarn)



Comments (11)

You plushies were awesome Yarn :-)

Thank you!

Amazing job! They all look awesome!

think i wont do it?

congrats yarn!
thats a great milestone to reach!

here's to even more...

Thank you bb ?
Its definitely a good milestone considering I didnt think I could do them months ago

Whatever first sparked this plushie rush I wonder, how do you get started with such a journey?

Good ones too, wouldn't think they were all this new!

Thank you!
Well long story short, I met one of the locks early in quarantine and he invited me to LL for a place to show what I made, which was typical blankets and such for the most part

They encouraged me to participate in the collab, and since I can't draw, I made the plushies. Tbh I had no idea I could do freehand. I turned down probably 10 requests before I gained any confidence in my ability

So anyways they were a hit, so I was invited to CC to show my stuff there. I pretty much just server hop on discord and occasionally make a collab part

What an awesome role to have. :) Humble beginnings. Do you make blankets for a living/side-hustle otherwise? All a hobby?

Seems like these plushies could be a business too if you ever wanted to start one, plushie commissions hmm... feels like untreaded grounds around here! Or anywhere, maybe.. well maybe not anywhere, but definitely haven't seen such services here on NG before.

Yea its been a heck of a trip. I joined initially not expecting anyone to like what I made, but the locks all thought it was awesome. Then once I started making the dolls I never stopped

It used to be just for me. Its therapeutic for my depression and anxiety so I did as much as I could and gave everything away. Mostly baby blankets at baby showers

I've done a handful of commissions so far, most of the dolls I post on NG are paid for

*blankets and such

I can't see how anyone can't think these are awesome. :) The combination of locks/clocks/somewhat-more-easily-formable-figures + plushies just look so fun in finished form too. It's like they were made to be!

Ah dang, hope you manage to shake that depression entirely some day. :/ Ain't fun. All the better it's been as appreciated as it has been then,

Have you had up commission offers earlier, all by word of mouth so far?

I'm working on it, but its a life long struggle. For now I manage it and play with yarn in my free time haha

I think it was really word of mouth. After I made the NightLock doll, a couple clocks came over to the lock discord and talked to me there and got me to join their discord
The SS I kind of just followed a couple teens to that discord so I could post my dolls in another place (this is before I was posting them on NG) and that's pretty much what happened

In the past I had a lot of requests for blankets. But I rarely agreed because blankets can take months to make, and that puts a lot of pressure on me

The dolls for the most part I make in 4-6 hours, but some are harder

Doesn't sound so bad when you say it like that. :) Ganbatte though! If it gets worse in winter maybe D-vitamin supplements could help you out a bit then, personally changed my life, though suppose what you deal with is way more than simply seasonal deficiencies.

Pretty much all via Discord! XD It feels almost like the new dark web these days, everything going on behind closed doors somewhere; you need to really get into it yourself to get the bigger picture... just like the Glock Group, Kitty Krew, Uzi Union and Soup Squad left now huh. ;)

Mmm that makes sense.

Still a solid amount of time. Cool to know.

firm levon

Congrats on 100 followers